Natural Material Solutions

PHAXTEC produces sustainable and natural material solutions with PHA  – Polyhydroxyalkanoates – for Food Service Packaging, Agriculture and Personal Care.

PHAXTECproducts are the perfect replacement for plastics and a great complement to paper.

PHA – Versatile like Plastics, eco-friendly like Paper

PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoates) are a class of natural materials harvested from living organisms using fermentation, a natural process, and using renewable carbon.

At end of life they biodegrade in soil, fresh water and marine environment like cellulose!

Therefore, PHA would be both industrially and home compostable. They are also  recyclable.

Using proprietary and commercial technologies

The PHAXTEC business model: Developing own technology where necessary to maintain competitive advantage and working with technology partners and market participants (OEMs) where possible, PHAXTEC is reducing market and technology risks while accelerating market entry.


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Discover PHAXTEC

Combining Material Science with Biotechnology

PHAXTEC combines hi-tech production and natural material solutions to serve Foodservice Packaging, Agriculture and Personal Care markets.

Using Renewable Carbon

Circular and sustainable PHA material solutions that are recyclable and compostable, and would cause no harm to the environment if leaked.

Deploying Proprietary and Commercial Technologies

PHAXTEC is working with technology partners and market participants to accelerate market entry.


PHAXTEC has licensed commercially proven and proprietary technologies where possible and is developing proprietary and unique technologies where necessary. This ensures competitive advantages while reducing time to market, development, and commercialization risks. PHAXTEC is partnering with OEMs in its target markets and is continually exploring additional partnerships. This allows reduced market entry risks and shorter timelines.



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Understand the 100% natural beauty of PHA

PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoates) are natural materials. Microorganisms produce PHA as food in nature. They can also be bio-synthesized via fermentation – a natural process – using renewable carbon sources. These can be sugar (sugarcane, corn), fatty acids (canola or palm oil), carbon dioxide or methane.


PHA biopolymers are completely biodegradable in soil, freshwater and marine environments just like cellulose or paper. And PHA possesses the functionality of 7 of the top selling plastics.

PHAXTEC takes PHA one step further

Reduce climate change

By using Biogas, a greenhouse gas (GHG), PHAXTEC is reducing the cause of global warming and therefore, helping to mitigate climate change.

Solve for Zero

The protected PHAXTEC production process emits no carbon dioxide, like current production methods, thereby having high yield on carbon and near zero emission.

Local Supply Chain

Biogas and all other inputs for the PHAXTEC production process is available locally, thereby making the entire supply chain local. It also means that a PHA production plant can be in almost any community throughout the world, and not just in petrochemical plants.

Eliminate Competition with Food

Using Biogas as the main raw material makes the PHAXTEC process independent of agricultural commodities and eliminates competition with food.

Built-in zero waste solutions

Better than all the rest

PHAXTEC products are biodegradable, similar to Cellulose. Thefore PHAXTEC products are home and industrially compostable. They are also recyclable.  While orther materials like Polylactic Acid (PLA), Poly Butylene Succinate (PBS), and (fossil based) Poly Butylene Adipate Terephthalate (PBAT) are industrially compostable, and would persist in nature if leaked.

PHA also stand out when it comes to versatility in use, where it is compares well with fossil plastics like, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, ABS, PET and others, that are primary contributors to the global plastics pollution problem.


The graph exhibits the Biodegradability characteristics of PHA, cellulose, PBSe & LDPE at 23° C in soil. PHA and cellulose show similar biodegradability in soil, fresh water and marine environment.

Paper Coatings

Fertilizer Coatings

Personal Care

Single-use Packaging

Durable Products

Fibres and Fabrics

Applications for PHAXTEC products 

Endless possibilities now and in the future

PHAXTEC products offer numerous application possibilities and tremendous potential estimated at greater than 50% in total plastics sales.

PHAXTEC has focused initially on applications where in addition to eliminating plastics and microplastics pollution, we are helping reduce major environmental issues, such as:

  • Enabling recycling and / or composting of paper (cellulose) from discarded or used Food Service Packaging and Personal Care items;
  • Enabling advanced cellulose-based products to replace traditional plastics packaging.
  • Reducing environmental damage like algae bloom, river-delta dead-zones and damage to soil and waterways caused by over-fertilization of crops in Agriculture.
  • Reducing anthropogenic methane emission, a Green House Gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.


Solving environmental issues through replacing plastics with natural and biodegradable PHA not only benefits the environment, it also benefits companies and end users along the entire value chain, creates new jobs, and provides healthy returns for investors.


Become a part of transformational change.


The time to invest is now in this natural and renewable material solution that keeps supply chains local, and provides a positive environmental impact with substantial return on investment?

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You are in the PHA production, processing or applications (e.g. coatings, film, injection molding) and looking for a partner to create major commercial breakthroughs?

Brand Owner/Converter

You are a brand-owner or converter seeking for a real sustainable material solution that meet your customers’ expectations / requirements at large scale? Renewable, curbside compostable, recyclable natural material solutions for packaging, agriculture and personal care.

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